What is a Magic 8 Ball and why Txt8ball?
Wikipedia defines it best: "The Magic 8-Ball is a toy used for fortune-telling or seeking advice, manufactured by Mattel. The device was invented in 1946 by Abe Bookman, who marketed and sold the device with Albert Carter of the Alabe Crafts Company (a company named for the first letters in Carter's and Bookman's first names). Carter came up with the concept of a fortune telling device but it was Bookman who invented and designed the Magic 8-Ball."
The Txt8Ball works similar to a Magic 8 Ball, but is more convenient than carrying around a bulky ball. All you do is TEXT* your Yes/No Question to 802.333.0330! Best of all the use of this application is FREE!

I've tried it. Now what?
First you will receive a text back with your answer! Now refresh the page and you should see your Q&A below. Vote on yours or vote on the ones you like best. The ones with the most votes will be posted on facebookwitter and our new FB Fan Page so make sure you follow us!

Questions Answers Vote Your Vote
Q: This is the response I got A: Cannot predict now
Q: Does Nick have jungle fever? A: Better not tell you now
Q: Will I get laid tonight? A: Without a doubt
Q: Will A: Outlook good
Q: Is this 4 real? A: Cannot predict now
Q: What a b***h A: Very doubtful
Q: Will I die? A: Outlook good
Q: Will i get over this cold soon? A: Yes
Q: Will today be less stressful? A: Most likely
Q: Is dave a good guy? A: It is decidedly so
Q: Do you still hate me? A: Ask again later
Q: Why would someone pay 200 bucks if they dont have to? A: Signs point to yes
Q: Are you stupid? A: My sources say no
Q: Are people that pay a 200 tax on a firearm likely to sell them illegally? A: It is decidedly so
Q: Where can I buy a gun online? A: My reply is no

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